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31 December 2009

New Years Resolutions

I have a huge list of things I want to do during 2010, but in terms of resolutions, I think my main goal is to keep better records, fill in the spreadsheets, keep receipts, organize important papers etc. My current system is a bit of a mess and is in dire need of improvement.
I'm a big fan of making resolutions throughout the year, this will be the first of many.
What are your resolutions?

30 December 2009

Mail Call

One of the great things about being out of town is coming home to mass amounts of good mail. I returned from my mini holiday to find Camilla Engman's book (part of the suitcase series published by Uppercase) waiting for me!

It is completely delightful from the first page to the last, and came with a few prints, postcards, a baggage tag and a mini book!
I promptly clipped up one of the cards in an open space on my work wall

This amazing package from Laura at OKAY was also in the post! It's issue 4 of her Okay Zine, which I have been looking forward to since Issue 3 came out. She hand cut out all of the pages and each image is on a different type of paper. It's completely charming. They are available in her shop (thanks Laura!)

28 December 2009

An Illustration in the making...

I thought it'd be nice to share some process photos of a recent illustration. Here's the start...


The finished product!
It's A3 size, and incorporates collage, india ink, pen, marker, and gouache.
Fun times

22 December 2009

Holiday Break

I'm heading home for a much needed holiday break. But I leave you with this floating island with a sneaky raccoon hiding in a teepee. Safe travels and happy holidays to everyone!

21 December 2009

Pixie Market NYC

Pixie Market, Lower East Side, NYC

they're each 11x14 and framed
These two fashion illustration / collages are sitting pretty in the Pixie Market in the Lower East Side, NY. They're located at 100 Stanton St (Stanton at Ludlow)
Mon-Sun 12-8

19 December 2009

Pillow Project

About a month ago, I ordered 9lbs of poly fiber fill stuffing to make pillows / hearts, etc. from an "unnamed" online store. I never received an order or shipping confirmation and after a few emails inquiring, still nothing. So, running out of time on projects I went up to the garment district and bought a TON of pillow fluff to finish up some pre-holiday projects.

A day after, I got this lovely email saying that my order had already shipped, and I could not cancel it, so I now have a box bigger than me full of pillow fluff...with that in mind, I made a pillow for my bed last night! yay.

The front is the arctic circle fabric I made, and then back is my $1 polka dot fabric scored while I was at home over thanksgiving.

18 December 2009

I used to be a painter...

My Kitchen / Art Storage room in Portland

Solo Gallery show, Tyson Gallery, Portland OR

"Moose" 4ft x4ft / oil and graphite on canvas

( this one is in our living room in the house i grew up in <3)
(30"x32" / oil and graphite on canvas)
I sold most of my paintings before moving, but one that came with me is up at the Brooklyn Collective, it is dear to my heart and made the long trek from Portland to New York. Let's just call this gap in active painting a temporary separation.

16 December 2009

Magic Mountain

New A3 Illustration "Kids Discover Magic Mountain"

(a zoom)

When I was little, we lived almost in the backyard of Magic Mountain. This title makes me giggle. There are prints of this piece up on Society 6 and I am walking the framed original down to the Brooklyn Collective on Thursday to go up in the show!

I feel like this is the first time I've had a really good drawing session in a while. There's been so much to do with the book launch, over ambitious sewing ventures and work projects, I got a bit sidetracked. I love getting back to drawing, it's like going home.

15 December 2009

Ornaments with Orders

(note: also I'm shipping out daily in hopes of everything arriving in time for holidays!)

this is me stringing/wearing the *final batch of heart ornaments, and trying to reach out really far and take a really crappy picture without the camera showing in the mirror. go me.

14 December 2009


I am very happy to share that I have a shop up for a month with Paper n' Stitch. They have a full roster of other amazing artists as well so go and check them out. My shop will be active from Dec 14 to Jan 17. Head on over to do some last minute holiday shopping, I have new items posted ranging from small stocking stuffers to original illustrations. New totes are in stock, as well as the 2nd printing of I Heart the Arctic. I'll be shipping out daily in this pre-holiday rush!
Happy Monday!

13 December 2009

Kitten Cabin---need-want-oh-my


I need want love this.
Zooey would rock a kitten cabin, and i would totally color all over it like this one. Found via: Canteen on Loyal Luxe

TeePee Party Up North

It's a TeePee Party. See it up on Society 6 and it's getting framed to go down to the Brooklyn Collective

12 December 2009

Teacups Growing Tea Leaves

A fancy pack of teacup cards

oh so pretty. I illustrated and designed these cards when I was in college, and my Aunt requested a set (which I had completely forgotten about) so after making some tweaks and printing a bundle for her, I thought I'd make a few extras for you lovely people. I have 4 sets listed on Etsy, and I am out of greeting card stock (oh my!) so that's it for a little bit. Each pack is tied up with green and white nylon string and comes with one of each of the illustrations

And....this is a 6 color hand pulled screenprint "Tea Leaves" that I did along the same theme. They're 9x11 inches on white, heavyweight, acid free, printmaking paper. Signed and numbered edition of 11. I have a small few left, they are also newly posted in my etsy.
It's the perfect weather for a cup of tea...bundle up.
Oh and the giveaway is still going on through Sunday in the post below!

09 December 2009

In the spirit of giving...a GIVEAWAY!

"Ghost Indian Bird Hunt" Small Tote Bag

Lucky for you, it's tote bag misprint giveaway day. I'm thinking of making it a holiday. Here's the deal, I hand printed these lovely totes, and with all things hand done there is a window for error. I have a few bags that are almost perfect, but not quite.'s giveaway time.

The Goods: One of each tote will go to one lovely reader, the "ghost indian" tote has a wee flying indian who is missing her right arm--ink fail; and the "universe" tote has a few spots that are not quite inky enough but still filled in--think vintage.

To Enter: Just leave a lovely comment below between now and Sunday evening (Dec 13, 8PM EST) I'll use a random number generator and pick one lucky person to send some holiday cheer! (Be sure to leave your email so I can get your mailing address!)

If you are interested in getting one of the impeccably printed shop worthy totes, check them out here and here

07 December 2009

Brooklyn Collective Show Opening Dec 11th

Paintings and Drawings all set up for the opening!

And a table full of my wares!
I am part of a killer group show at the Brooklyn Collective in RedHook Brooklyn. Our show opens Friday Dec 11th. I am showing a series of framed original illustrations, paintings, and smaller illustration wares including I Heart the Arctic mini books, Arctic Heart ornaments, and newly printed totes! It should be a good time, if you're in the NYC area, please stop by and come find me.

Here's the event info:
Presented by Brooklyn Collective and General Nightmare Antiques

Friday, December 11th 2009
196 Columbia Street
(between Sackett and Degraw)

Featuring 20 Artists + Designers
Claudia Pearson / grow house grow! / Jacqueline Bos
Emily Falco / warpeDesign / Design And Labor
Jess Yam / AshiDashi / Tattoo Girl Lingerie
Fort Pottery / Happy Clay / Rachel Goldberg
elle s'appelle / Lewis Henry Nicholas / LanVy
Alexandra Batsford / Species By The Thousands / Nathan Gelgud
Niccole Ugay / Sean Mahan / Courtney P. Hewitt

Wine and refreshments will be served throughout the evening.
Plus! A special live performance by The Static Jacks

For further info please visit

05 December 2009

Kirra Jamison

I recently came across Kirra Jamison's work on All the Mountains Blog. It is out of this world amazing, this is what painting should be like. Check out more of her work on her site

04 December 2009

Rhino Pillows, Sewn and Herded

Rhino Pillows are Sewn and Herded up into the shop

Front pattern design, from the "Rhinos Smell Roses" Illustration

Back pattern, oodles of roses

The fabric is custom printed on 100% cotton and hand sewn and stuffed by me.
They are approximately 8 x 11.5" (they each vary a wee bit as I am not the greatest at measuring properly) Shop for one here

30 November 2009

Rhinos and Workspaces

I made some new mini mirrors over the weekend from the "Rhinos Smell Roses Too" Illustration.

That's the original up on my wall. It's hanging out for safekeeping or rather keeping it cat hair free until it gets packed up for an upcoming show (save Dec 11th if you're in NYC!). I've got a little clip system to-do list set up on the wall, it's working pretty well so far.

On a non-related note, today is the last day for "cyber monday" free Arctic Heart Ornaments in my etsy. Get yourself some stocking stuffers!

26 November 2009

Black Friday, Arctic Heart Grab-bag

In honor of the post-turkey-day consumer frenzy that's going on, I'm signing my Etsy shop up for the madness. Get a set of 3 Scandinavian Arctic Heart Ornaments with any purchase over $30 (before shipping) from 12:01pm 11/27 to 11:59pm on 11/29 (all EST)
write "hearts" in the message section with your order!

Also, the 2nd printing of "I Heart the Arctic" is officially out of pre-sell stage, and is printed! Grab a copy before they're gone again. And thank you so much to all of you for such an overwhelming display of support.

Happy Holidays!

23 November 2009

ELLE girl Korea Feature (!)

A couple weeks back I was contacted by ELLEgirl Korea about an interview for their holiday issue, and here it is! In flipping through the magazine, I have to say this is one of the best designed publications I've seen in a while. It's edgy and fun, plus the images and features are awesome..I really wish I could read Korean right about now.

19 November 2009

I Heart the Arctic, Second Printing

Due to an overwhelming response, I Heart the Arctic, is already in it's second printing. The first printing sold out in under 10 days (thank you all!) I have sourced new paper for the 2nd run, it's slightly different interior papers, but still with the icy grey cover, vellum insets and a variety of white and off white textured interior pages. I have set up a Pre-Order in my Etsy. All Pre-Orders will ship before December 1st, well in time for the holidays.
The second printing will be an edition of 100, a good deal of which have already been spoken for (again thank you guys!)

I've also just finished sewing a large batch of Scandinavian Arctic Heart Ornaments which are also up in my Etsy.

(above is the 1st printing, I've reversed the heart to white on black for the 2nd printing)
Have a wonderful day!