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25 June 2009

Magic Myth and Mystery Mini Books in the Shop!

They're full of magical drawings, myth and mystery. Get one from my etsy shop!

Open Studios Event: July 1st

Save the Evening! This coming Wednesday, July 1st is the open studios event for the painting residency program I'm participating in. It's going to be great and I'd love to see you there!

July 1st (Wed) 6-9pm
SVA Building (red banner)
W21st street between 6th and 7th Aves, NYC
4th floor, I'm the studio full of magic and marshmallows.

23 June 2009

Magic Tuesday

Although it looks teeny here, this magical buddy is about 19x24"

Tender Loving Empire First Thursday Show in PDX

For all of my lovelies in Portland, you should stop by Tender Loving Empire on Thursday July 2nd for an awesome illustration show! I'm one of the artists, and am sending in a pile of magical illustrations, mini books, and goodies. The other artists are Eatcho, Sean Christensen A.B.T. and BT Livermore.

Tender Loving Empire
1720 NW Lovejoy #109 (corner of NW 18th & Lovejoy)
Portland, OR 97207

Worn Journal Issue 8

Check it out. Worn Journal Issue 8 is out. I did illustrations for the spring Haiku section! (they're credited to another illustrator by mistake, i swear it's me)

20 June 2009


14 June 2009

Magic Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek of what I've been working on. These are two teensy pieces in a HUGE series of works on paper.

12 June 2009

OKAY Issue 3

I received Okay Issue 3 in the mail yesterday all the way from Australia. Laura McKellar is the darling who makes it. Each page is loose and printed on a different type of paper, texture , transparency. She included some awesome metallic stickers, and a handwritten note that just sent me through the roof. This is hands down the coolest thing that has come in the post. I'm hooked. Find it here

09 June 2009

Dinosaur Meets Bunny

Dinosaur Meets Bunny. Part 1.


Happy Tuesday.

08 June 2009

Anteater for Ashley

Anteater for Miss Ashley of "It's ok my dear" if you haven't seen her work, you should check her out right here

05 June 2009

Goats in Bakersfield

I'm at SVA for the month of June doing a Painting Residency, which is beyond fantastic. Having a studio is such a nice change from doing everything from a corner in my apartment. I've been doing tons of painting, but equally as much illustration work, mostly to postpone the painting, and am coming across a crisis of materials. These two mediums exist entirely separate, do I have to pick one? I think no. I'm having fun rotating the two, and have decorated my space with drawings of Walruses, Mountain Goats, and Fairy Tales.

03 June 2009

Walrus and Mystic Babies

I would love to illustrate a substantial book of mini stories
This is "Walrus and Mystic Babies". This is the silly story I wrote about it:

One day two children came across a walrus on their journey into the mountains. They walrus was so friendly, the children jumped up and down in delight. As if by magic they became suspended mid jump. They were mystic babies! The walrus swooned in love with his newfound magical friends. The End.