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30 July 2009

Sketchbook Love

I started a BRAND NEW! sketchbook last week. The early pages are full of things from space, the science kid in me is nerding out and looking up all sorts of solar extravaganzas. More to come.

28 July 2009

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Brings Space Tote Bags

I've been a busy bee as of lately. Yesterday I printed a small run of tote bags! They have a modified version of the "Boy Meets Girl, Girl Brings Space" Illustration on them, and are available in my Etsy Shop

Prints are up

The prints are up! They are very small editions (7 and 8) grab one while you can.
Walrus Love
Magic Mountain(s)

27 July 2009

New Prints Soon

LinkThese are 2 new prints I've been working on. They're both 4 color, hand pulled (by me!) screenprints on heavyweight paper. They're both very small limited editions and will be up in the shop soon. Stay tuned.

25 July 2009

Boy Meets Girl, Girl Brings Space

Shen Plum Print!

I got this lovely print in the mail yesterday! It's a piece from illustrator Shen Plum, I saw it on Wanderlust 333 and had to have it! I like the wolf, he's got spooky eyes.

23 July 2009


Enjoying drawing moons and what I imagine space looks like. This is on an A3 size paper, which is a bit bigger than I had been working, I like it. This is the start of something good.

Candy Shop Adventure


The stairs were filled with gummy sharks, dinosaurs, and fruit. Crazy.

Yesterday, Ashley and I went on a Candy Shop Adventure! To Dylans in NYC. It's 3 whole floors of candy, they seriously have everything. I tried to get as many different shapes and textures as possible and then spent last night scanning and photographing them. Which resulted in me having to windex my scanner, gummies melt faster than you'd think.

I'm not sure what type of illustration project will come of this but for now It's taking all of my willpower to not eat my goodies until they are all drawn up. De-licious.

22 July 2009

Worn Crush Interview

I'm inteviewed on the Worn Fashion Journal Blog! Take a look see

21 July 2009

ETSY Overhaul

New batch of Giant Stuffed Swedish Fish Pillows is done! It's a limited edition of 12 fish.

Original Illustrations from the Open Studios Exhibition are up. These are A5 size originals, there are no prints.

Heart Shaped Glasses T-Shirts. I hand screenprinted each of these in bright pink. They are quite awesome. (White + Grey)
And....Greeting Cards Galore. I went a little crazy and ordered a bunch of greeting card stock so I could make tons of cards to send out to people. These are each one-of-a-kind, hand made, hand illustrated, and full of awesome. They each come with an envelope.

I also updated my Etsy Banner, and the rest of the shop. Take a look here

20 July 2009

Winter Wishing

I'm ready for winter. Who's with me!?
An unfortunate hazard of being freakishly pale is the instantaneous sunburn. I've now experienced summer, it can go home now. Bring on the sweaters, and tea, fluffy blankets and polar bears.

14 July 2009

Williamsburg Flea Market this Sunday

This Sunday, July 19th, I'll be at the Williamsburg Flea Market selling all sorts of magical wares. I'm working on a MASS of greeting cards (above) for the occasion, come by and check them out if you're in the NYC area!
Sunday July 19 / 12noon to 6pm / Wythe Ave btw S2nd and S3rd in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Netdiver Feature

Excellent! I'm featured in the illustration section of Netdiver

09 July 2009

Portland Show Photos!

These are from the group show I was a part of at Tender Loving Empire in Portland! It looks like it was a right awesome good time from the photos. check out the rest on TLE's Flickr
Wish I could have been there!

06 July 2009

Anti-Bubble Boy

I like this little kid, no idea who he is. Strangers have the best photographs.

01 July 2009

Studio Exhibition


The opening was fun, and awkward, and surreal. Marshmallows were served, people were nice, and friendly faces abundant.

Show Preview

I created a mini fairytale land in my space, it's lined with a hundred hand painted and cut out watercolored hearts. The main wall is chock full of drawings like these, ranging from teeny tiny to huge. The opening is tonight 6-9PM 141 W21st Street, 4th floor. You'll know which space is mine! Please stop by and introduce yourself!