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27 August 2009

It's Ok My Dear Web Launch

Ashley of It's Ok My Dear launched her new website yesterday! I had the pleasure of working with her on the series of illustrations for her line and I'm delighted to see them used on the web as well as in print. Keep an eye on her!

25 August 2009

Home is where the laundry is free...

This is my submission for the "this is home" project, "a visual exploration of the concept of 'home,' across continents, oceans and neighborhoods." from Design for Mankind

After spending the entire afternoon in a laundromat that smelled like diapers, this phrase hit home especially hard.

Home is where the laundry is free...

24 August 2009

New Exciting Things

I haven't forgotten about you! Many new exciting things in the mix, stay tuned.

17 August 2009

The Golden Girls

I might be in love with The Golden Girls (shh). So the lovely Carolyn of Barf Sandwich asked for a golden girls inspired illustration for the next issue. While doing some google image research, (cough and watching the whole first season) I found out that Bea Arthur has a cult following, many of which like to paint her in the nude. shocking.

15 August 2009

Pet Fox

I moved into a new apartment this weekend! I'm officially exhausted, but much relieved to be in a new neighborhood .Here's a happy drawing to new beginnings.

Creepy Baby Sketch

This confirms that babies are not just smaller humans. See very creepy baby above. Proof.

10 August 2009



08 August 2009

Blanket Magazine:The Consumer Issue

Get the latest Blanket Magazine Issue, it's fantastic. Plus you can see my work on page 44. (!)

07 August 2009

A Bit of Magic to Start the Weekend

03 August 2009

Moving Sale on Fishes

I'm packing up to move to a new place, and am holding a moving sale! I reposted my Giant Swedish Fish Pillows on Etsy with FREE SHIPPING in the US and discounted for the rest of the world. Go get em, there are only a handful left.

We Are the Friction

I got this fantastic book in the mail today all the way from the UK! It's made by the duo Sing Statistics which is a collaboration between Lizzy Stewart and Jez Burrows. Get yourself a copy ASAP.

Our Portland Story

I've been working with Melissa Delzio on her fantastic Our Portland Story Book Project. It's a collaboration of many different designers and writers all portraying their personal stories about Portland. I recently illustrated a poem written by Miriam Feder. This is the new progress update, my page is top right. I can't wait to see this whole process appear in print!

Baltimore Fieldtrip

Giant Flamingo on the street!
We took a Saturday morning walk to the farmers market and got things to make delicious dinner, and went by the Book Thing, which is a free bookstore, on the way back. It's awesome! I got a book on kangaroos, some kids books with excellent illustrations and a book on planets and cactus.
Sketchbook page of super bright kangaroos! All in all, excellent trip away from the city for a day.