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29 September 2009

Arctic Bits

Arctic Preview Page. Are you excited? Get excited! This book is going to blow your socks off, no really, with an arctic chill.

27 September 2009

Bird and Bear for The Shiny Squirrel

These are some preview characters for a poster illustration I'm working on for The Shiny Squirrel's pop up store launch! It's almost ready, get excited!

What I did today (actually yesterday)

26 September 2009

A documented day

I was having a bit of an illustration block last night so I drew out my day. Crazy eventful, I know you're jealous (ha)

23 September 2009

Into the Arctic

I'm still moving along with the arctic / eskimo / furry wintery things mini book. I have tons more pages to make, and match stories with. I'm still looking into printing options. Suggestions are welcome!

21 September 2009

Shaker Village

That's me taking down decorations! On real bonafide instant film.

This weekend, I went on an epic bus adventure up to the Shaker Village near Canterbury New Hampshire. Two of my dear friends from Portland got married there this weekend. The village was beautiful, full of nature, giant wood piles, and shell lined gravel paths. It was a wonderful trip outside of the city.

18 September 2009

New Zealand Goodies

A beautifully tied package

Chock full of amazing treasures from across the world! Handmade Brooches (which I am displaying proudly in the center of my shirt), Zines, Mini Books, Show Cards, Chocolates, and hand written notes

Sent by this lovely lady (above) Kerry Ann. This package made my day for sure. Kerry Ann is a New Zealand based artist who I had the pleasure of being studio mates with this summer at our painting residency at SVA. She works on installation pieces, incredible paper cuts, and zines galore!

15 September 2009

Eskimo Adventures

Eskimo Adventures, Page 1 of Many
Eskimo Related Adventures, Page 1 of Many

I'm starting to compile drawings for a mini book about eskimos (somewhat at least). I'm breaking out a little from reading loads of Inuit myths. This book, in it's current direction is currently focusing more on textures, shapes and weather in the great white north. Who else is ready for winter?

14 September 2009

Spot the Tiger Illustration

"Should Books Have Age Restriction Certificates?"
My illustration for Spot the Tiger is up at
this was such a fun project take a look!

10 September 2009

Stretching the Drawing Legs

I've been so focused on illustration recently, I think it's time to take a step back and stretch my drawing legs again. It's been ages since I did some solid drawing and painting, I'd forgotten how much I love it. This is a mini sketch for a much much bigger project.

08 September 2009

Welcome Home

02 September 2009

Website Overhaul

Yesterday I did a bit of an overhaul on my website, removing old illustration work, and replacing it with tons of new work. Let me know what you think.