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29 October 2009

Halloweeeeeeen is almost here

24 October 2009

Arctic Circle Badges

Arctic Circle Badges also up in my shop! And behind these lovely bits is a preview of one of the fabrics I designed and printed for a super secret upcoming project.

Arctic Circle Mini Mirrors in the Shop

Arctic Circle design mini mirrors are up in my etsy! These are made from one of the Arctic Circle patterns I created for I Heart the Arctic (which is going to print really really soon). These are cute pocket sized mirrors (2.25" in diameter) and extra pretty.


I got my copy of Uppercase Issue 3 in the mail yesterday. It looks lovely through and through. My illustration for a re-design of MWard's Album "Transfiguration of Vincent" is on page 27.

22 October 2009

KIND Boutique, Site Illustration Sneak Peek

I've been working with the lovely Erin of KIND Boutique on some illustrations for her new online shop! They are coming along so nicely, and should be up soon. Here's a sneak peak of the vintage page header and new Adella Ad. KIND stocks designers who are working with sustainable fabrics, and work in an eco-friendly mindset. Keep an eye on KIND, great things are happening!


I went on a super secret adventure with work today. Met secretively at Grand Central in the morning and took a train upstate to go to Dia:Beacon it was an art kid nerd out moment, it's a HUGE renovated Nabisco factory that has been turned into this naturally lit art dream. Above is one of my favorite exhibitions an installation by Imi Knoebel called 24 colors-for Blinky. Each of those panels is at least 6-8 feet tall. The center is filled with different types of art ranging from light installations, to intensely calculated drawings on walls, to monoliths, and 20 foot deep sculptures that give you vertigo just looking at them. It was a wonderfully inspirational day trip. If you're in the New York area, you should plan a trip up yourself.

21 October 2009

Real Mitts in the Mail

Yesterday I got a real printed Arctic Oven Mitt in the mail! I'm so excited with how these turned out. The lovely people over at Envelop did a stellar job. Get your own set here

19 October 2009

Arctic Circle Pillow Covers

I am hard at work finishing the "I Heart The Arctic" Book, it's filled with illustrations and patterns inspired by stories of the arctic. In the meantime head over to my Envelop Shop to see these Arctic Circle pillow covers. I designed them from drawings that are in the book. Wonderful things are coming, hang onto your hood.

15 October 2009


I was invited to create a piece for RVLVR-- an experimental project consisting of different artists using the same given picture material to create new artworks. It's a project curated by Marek Haiduk and sponsored by istockphoto. This piece is also up here and available as a print here

14 October 2009

New Business Cards!

(The person in the top right (above) is our mail carrier, I think she's suspicious
that I was taking pictures of her from my window... )

I got new business cards printed! They came in the mail today and smell like newly cut and printed paper..mmm. These ones are equipped with all the information you could ever need to cyberstalk me with very minimal effort. Send me your address if you'd like one.
I also got some postcards printed which means that new etsy orders will come with extra goodies!

11 October 2009

Cool Kids Climb Mountains Print

A print of this illustration "Climbers" / Cool Kids Climb Mountains, is now available through Society 6. It's excellent fun.

09 October 2009

Amy Borrell TiPi Love

I stumbled upon Amy Borrell's site Cake with Giants the other day (how I hadn't seen her before, I have no idea). She makes beautiful things. These hand sewn Tipi / Teepee sets are wonderful. I want to line a whole windowsill in them. They're available in her shop.

Popshot Magazine

Issue 2 of Popshot Magazine came in the post today! Popshot is a UK based poetry and illustration publication whose self described purpose is being "gently intent on hoodwinking poetry back from the clammy hands of tweed jackets and school anthologies...We are here to showcase the poetry of today and tomorrow with the whimsical arms of illustration wrapped tightly round it"

I did an illustration for the poem titled Job Ref. 135 written by Ronny Kong (above)

The new issue is filled to the brim with talented illustrators.
This piece above by Valero Doval is one of my favorites!
This post is also up here

08 October 2009

Magical Mini Mirrors

I made my first batch of mini mirrors this week! I just did a few to start, the 3 starters are "Arctic Girl" "Armadillo" and "Garden Pattern" They're each 2.25" in diameter and are up in my etsy shop.

Pocket sized!

Here's my semi-messy cotton candy pink desk where all the action happens.

05 October 2009

Spriggy Flower Pattern

I was feeling a bit under the weather on Sunday so I spent the majority of the afternoon drawing and watching movies in bed. Here's a pretty spriggy flower pattern, also up on flickr.

03 October 2009

The NY Art Book Fair

Saturday Morning, I headed up to Long Island City to go to PS. 1 for the NY Art Book Fair (sponsored by Printed Matter this year). It was incredible! Hundreds of presses, booksellers, and independent artists / publishers from all over the world. Above is what came home with me. a Mini Book from: Nathaniel Russell, a fold out Poster size booklet and letterpressed postcard from Rachel Domm, a Book called "My Things" by Gabriela Gr√ľndler published by Edition Patrick Frey, and a wonderful book by artist Ryoko Aoki, called Chain Ring that is full of drawings, notes and illustrated bits. Also loads of beautifully printed business cards, pamphlets and publication lists. All in all, a very crazy, inspiring trip. Let's get bookmaking!

02 October 2009

Arctic Oven Mitts on Envelop

I designed some super chilly icy oven mitts over at Envelop. Go get em. They're icy mitts to handle extra hot things

Shiny Squirrel Pop Up Store Poster

The Shiny Squirrel is launching a pop up store! It's going to be a kid friendly tea party celebration. Here's the poster I did for the launch party!
If you're in the NY area mark this down:

Sunday, Oct 18th
Corduroy Kid
231 5th Ave / Brooklyn

Here's the Email version too:

01 October 2009
is the new online magazine / home for environmental activism / community / news / skillshare headquarters, as part of Sheepless Co. I've been contributing illustrations in anticipation of their official online launch, and it's here! We officially launched this week. There are some amazing articles on activism, community, environmentalism and businesses that are awesome. Be prepared for great things.

The above illustration is for the article "Self, and Importance. A call to reflection and action"
written by Scott Ballum (founder of, and an all around stand up chap). More illustrations are on the way. I'm proud to be a contributor to this amazing effort.