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09 October 2009

Popshot Magazine

Issue 2 of Popshot Magazine came in the post today! Popshot is a UK based poetry and illustration publication whose self described purpose is being "gently intent on hoodwinking poetry back from the clammy hands of tweed jackets and school anthologies...We are here to showcase the poetry of today and tomorrow with the whimsical arms of illustration wrapped tightly round it"

I did an illustration for the poem titled Job Ref. 135 written by Ronny Kong (above)

The new issue is filled to the brim with talented illustrators.
This piece above by Valero Doval is one of my favorites!
This post is also up here


Roger said...

Whoa! Nice one! I'd love to see that magazine in person, you think that might import it anywhere around here?

Jacqueline Bos said...

Depends what country you're in now Mr world traveler! I believe most of their stockists are in the UK, but you can order copies from their website:

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