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30 November 2009

Rhinos and Workspaces

I made some new mini mirrors over the weekend from the "Rhinos Smell Roses Too" Illustration.

That's the original up on my wall. It's hanging out for safekeeping or rather keeping it cat hair free until it gets packed up for an upcoming show (save Dec 11th if you're in NYC!). I've got a little clip system to-do list set up on the wall, it's working pretty well so far.

On a non-related note, today is the last day for "cyber monday" free Arctic Heart Ornaments in my etsy. Get yourself some stocking stuffers!

26 November 2009

Black Friday, Arctic Heart Grab-bag

In honor of the post-turkey-day consumer frenzy that's going on, I'm signing my Etsy shop up for the madness. Get a set of 3 Scandinavian Arctic Heart Ornaments with any purchase over $30 (before shipping) from 12:01pm 11/27 to 11:59pm on 11/29 (all EST)
write "hearts" in the message section with your order!

Also, the 2nd printing of "I Heart the Arctic" is officially out of pre-sell stage, and is printed! Grab a copy before they're gone again. And thank you so much to all of you for such an overwhelming display of support.

Happy Holidays!

23 November 2009

ELLE girl Korea Feature (!)

A couple weeks back I was contacted by ELLEgirl Korea about an interview for their holiday issue, and here it is! In flipping through the magazine, I have to say this is one of the best designed publications I've seen in a while. It's edgy and fun, plus the images and features are awesome..I really wish I could read Korean right about now.

19 November 2009

I Heart the Arctic, Second Printing

Due to an overwhelming response, I Heart the Arctic, is already in it's second printing. The first printing sold out in under 10 days (thank you all!) I have sourced new paper for the 2nd run, it's slightly different interior papers, but still with the icy grey cover, vellum insets and a variety of white and off white textured interior pages. I have set up a Pre-Order in my Etsy. All Pre-Orders will ship before December 1st, well in time for the holidays.
The second printing will be an edition of 100, a good deal of which have already been spoken for (again thank you guys!)

I've also just finished sewing a large batch of Scandinavian Arctic Heart Ornaments which are also up in my Etsy.

(above is the 1st printing, I've reversed the heart to white on black for the 2nd printing)
Have a wonderful day!

16 November 2009

Work For Free Magazine Issue 2

(note: those awesome animal letters, I did not do, though I wish I did, I believe that is Paul Wagenblast's handywork?)

These are 2 spreads I did for "Work For Free Magazine" a new venture from 2 amazing artists in the UK. WFFM is curated and designed by Paul Wagenblast and Aidan Koch
These two spreads are based on fashion design shown in the Spring Summer 09 shows

Here's my cut and paste in progress work

And my crazy messy workspace in the midst of the project
Work For Free Mag

14 November 2009

Collaborations with MaryAnn Puls

Recently I've been working on a series of collaborative pieces (via AirMail) with MaryAnn Puls, a Portland based printmaker and painter. We've been mailing each phase back to the other person to work on, these are just a few of the things we came up with. Check out MaryAnn's work on her site, she is incredibly talented, and a pleasure to work with.

11 November 2009

Scandinavian Arctic Hearts

(bckg image is from Issue 1 of OKAY zine)

Scandinavian Arctic Hearts, these are all 2 sided, with prints from the "I Heart the Arctic" book, and are inspired by Scandinavian decorations we used to have in our home growing up. They're each tied with red and white striped bakers twine.

in progress....sewing in the studio

in progress pile

I've posted them in sets of 5 on my etsy
These would make perfect ornaments, or home decorations, and a lovely gift for someone you think is sweet as pie!

09 November 2009

***I Heart the Arctic mini-book LAUNCH!***

"I Heart the Arctic" has finally launched!

all 50 of these books were hand made and assembled by me!

"I Heart the Arctic" is a mini book inspired by stories of the arctic, Inuit myths, arctic cultures, icy landscapes and the infinite possibilities of the Aurora Borealis. I created this illustrated mini book after completing a year long illustration series on Inuit myths and extensive readings about arctic cultures. I Heart the Arctic is a lighthearted illustrated book full of whimsical drawings and plays on the term “arctic circle”.

Each book is 20 pages, full color, and made from different paper stocks. It has a light grey heavyweight cover, vellum insets, and a variety of textured icy white sheets. Each book has a hand sewn spine, and is numbered in a limited edition of 50. They are available along with sewn arctic items in the I Heart the Arctic Shop which is conveniently also my Etsy Shop

An official press release is on the site, if you would like a PDF please send me an email.

06 November 2009

Sweet Sweet Life Blog

Amy over at Sweet Sweet Life has written a little piece about me. It is the nicest thing I've ever had written about my work, I might have teared up a little bit. Go read it here! and Check out her flickr page as well.

04 November 2009

Plush Sewn Arctic Circles

These pretty little things are now up in my etsy
I designed and printed the fabric based on one of the
"arctic circle" patterns from the "I Heart the Arctic" mini book
which is launching hopefully next week!

In the meantime head over to
and sign up for the email list if you'd like to receive info when we launch!


I've been working with KIND Boutique for the past few weeks. They are a wonderful new boutique that stocks hand picked pieces from eco-friendly fashion designers, and also vintage finds. The new site is up and running! Go on over and check out the site and do some fall shopping.

03 November 2009

KIND Boutique Headers / Site Illustrations

follow KIND on twitter
KIND Boutique's site is up and running! I've been working with Erin who runs KIND to illustrate these headers for the new site. Here's a preview below, and head over to to see the real deal!

KIND Boutique stocks items from eco-friendly designers, as well as vintage finds.
KIND "for living happy, living gently"
(More pieces are on my site as well)

02 November 2009


I recently had to take some photos of myself in my "studio" for an article. Here's the 2up version. I'm wearing a lovely heart sweater from KIND Boutique (thank you Erin!) who I recently had the pleasure of working with on her site illustrations.

While searching for photos, I came across this one. There was a freak snowstorm in LA when we lived there. This is my snowman extraordinaire!

01 November 2009

Portland Love

The Studio on an extra crisp morning.

windowsill peppermint garden.
Oh Portland, how I do miss you.