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09 November 2009

***I Heart the Arctic mini-book LAUNCH!***

"I Heart the Arctic" has finally launched!

all 50 of these books were hand made and assembled by me!

"I Heart the Arctic" is a mini book inspired by stories of the arctic, Inuit myths, arctic cultures, icy landscapes and the infinite possibilities of the Aurora Borealis. I created this illustrated mini book after completing a year long illustration series on Inuit myths and extensive readings about arctic cultures. I Heart the Arctic is a lighthearted illustrated book full of whimsical drawings and plays on the term “arctic circle”.

Each book is 20 pages, full color, and made from different paper stocks. It has a light grey heavyweight cover, vellum insets, and a variety of textured icy white sheets. Each book has a hand sewn spine, and is numbered in a limited edition of 50. They are available along with sewn arctic items in the I Heart the Arctic Shop which is conveniently also my Etsy Shop

An official press release is on the site, if you would like a PDF please send me an email.


Beru Betto said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love with the illustrations! Nice work : )

pol&mik said...

It's a beautiful self-made edition. Congrats :)

albie said...

I am soooo in love with your illustrations!!! iv just purchased a i heart the artic book from your store and cant wait to recieve it!!!

albie xxx

OPPY said...

the books turned out so lovely and they look really nice to touch. congrats! and i second every word said about you by amy ;)

Jacqueline Bos said...

AH huge hugs to all of you!

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