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18 December 2009

I used to be a painter...

My Kitchen / Art Storage room in Portland

Solo Gallery show, Tyson Gallery, Portland OR

"Moose" 4ft x4ft / oil and graphite on canvas

( this one is in our living room in the house i grew up in <3)
(30"x32" / oil and graphite on canvas)
I sold most of my paintings before moving, but one that came with me is up at the Brooklyn Collective, it is dear to my heart and made the long trek from Portland to New York. Let's just call this gap in active painting a temporary separation.


annie said...

i like your paintings~ yay more!

L said...

oh jackie you are so talented! i love the paintings of the girls so much

Jacqueline Bos said...

thank you guys! I'm eager to get back to painting :)

Jamie said...

jackie! i covet my delightful painting of yours! it hangs proudly above my long comfy couch in my living room. hope you had a wonderful holiday time! ~ Jamie

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