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28 December 2009

An Illustration in the making...

I thought it'd be nice to share some process photos of a recent illustration. Here's the start...


The finished product!
It's A3 size, and incorporates collage, india ink, pen, marker, and gouache.
Fun times


Jovan ™ said...


handmade romance said...

gorgeous. thanks for sharing its great to see your work in its different stages : )

elkemay said...

i love seeing the process.
your work rocks!
love it!

elkemay said...

what brand of markers do you use? you've inspired me..... i usually just collage and use paint, pastels etc.. i'm feeling the need to draw!!!

Jacqueline Bos said...

thanks guys! elke, I use a mix of markers i've accumulated over the years, some TomBows, some prismacolor, and some misc ones without tags. My art supplies in general are a bit of a hodgepodge, but I like it that way

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