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12 December 2009

Teacups Growing Tea Leaves

A fancy pack of teacup cards

oh so pretty. I illustrated and designed these cards when I was in college, and my Aunt requested a set (which I had completely forgotten about) so after making some tweaks and printing a bundle for her, I thought I'd make a few extras for you lovely people. I have 4 sets listed on Etsy, and I am out of greeting card stock (oh my!) so that's it for a little bit. Each pack is tied up with green and white nylon string and comes with one of each of the illustrations

And....this is a 6 color hand pulled screenprint "Tea Leaves" that I did along the same theme. They're 9x11 inches on white, heavyweight, acid free, printmaking paper. Signed and numbered edition of 11. I have a small few left, they are also newly posted in my etsy.
It's the perfect weather for a cup of tea...bundle up.
Oh and the giveaway is still going on through Sunday in the post below!


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