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21 December 2010

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays,
I'm working on a new mini book that will hopefully blow you out of the water...but for now, enjoy your holiday breaks, and I'll catch you all in the new year!

17 December 2010

Stereohype Buttons!

I just got some samples in the mail: this is my set of 3 buttons that won third prize in the Stereohype button contest this year! Check em out here.

I'm also completely smitten with the set illustrator Shen Plum designed
and won first prize last year for.

13 December 2010

TOMS Shoes, Round 2

{a bridal pair}
{hello kitty}

Last weekend I got the opportunity to work with TOMS shoes again for a style your sole event here in Portland. Above are some of my favorites from the day.

05 December 2010

Holiday Illustrations

I just finished up this custom holiday "card" illustration for a wonderful family. I know I posted about custom illustrations before, if you're interested in getting one done for the holidays there's still a little time left. Send me an email if you'd like to know more.

27 November 2010

Women's Weekly Australia

Here's an illustration I did recently for Women's Weekly Australia. I haven't gotten the chance to see it in print yet. If you're an Aussie and see the issue with this in it on the newsstand let me know! I'll buy a copy from you and probably send you nice things in the mail too.

22 November 2010


or rather pre-black-friday
Starting today Mon Nov 22 through Monday Nov 29 (midnight to midnight ish)
all orders over $22 (before shipping) from my etsy shop will also get a free holiday greeting card with their order. Happy Shopping!

Also, the full W/Heart Collection is now also up in my etsy as well as in it's own shop
in case you missed it, here's the feature on CoolHunting

13 November 2010


I'm going on a short work trip, and a very welcome vacation from the internet. I've put up shop announcements, but just in case, orders placed between now and the 21st will ship out on the 22nd. Thanks for your patience, and continued support!

08 November 2010

Pre-Holiday SALE

for those of you who are super on top of things and do all of your
holiday shopping early... w/heart is on sale, from now through
the day after thanksgiving (11/26/10)
everything is marked as $10 off the original price!

for those of you still on the fence, check out this wonderful feature about W/Heart on CoolHunting!

04 November 2010

Rainn Wilson // Soul Pancake

28 October 2010

W/Heart @ Poppytalk Handmade Marketplace

The Poppytalk Pre Holiday Handmade Marketplace is open! And W/Heart has a table. There is a wonderfully curated mix of artisans and crafters at this one, check it out {here}
and for a little while, you can use the code {POPPYTALK} at the W/heart shop for 15% off your order.

{to eliminate confusion: the poppytalk table is linked to my w/heart shop, you will need to enter the code at checkout through there}

21 October 2010

Soul Pancake Book

{my page in the book!}
{this is one of my fav pages: illo by Rebekah Constance Garibay}

I got my advanced copy of Soul Pancake in the mail yesterday and it is even cooler than i was hoping it'd be. They are officially released Oct 26th. Pre-order your copy here.

read my SProfile {here}

18 October 2010

TOMS Shoes Event >> Awesome

The TOMS shoes event this weekend was AWESOME! Such a wonderful turnout, and tons of great requests. These are photos of a few of the TOMS I drew on. {metallic does not photograph, but those elephants are shimmery silver :) }

15 October 2010

W/Heart, a Textile Collection

{yes, that is nutella toast with rainbow sprinkles}
{it's finally here!}
{mid photo shoot}
{the three pillows from the collection}

So I mentioned a while back a massive textile project I'd taken on. This is it! I'm so glad to finally be able to share it with you all. I named the collection W/heart {with heart}, it's composed of very limited edition eco-friendy homeware pieces. Each piece is hand printed by me with water based inks on locally bought 100% organic cotton.
{view the W/Heart shop}
{view the whole collection on my website}

14 October 2010

TOMS shoes event in PDX

Very exciting news! This Saturday I'll be armed with paint pens and markers doing custom drawings on TOMS shoes at the Nordtrom in Lloyd Center (Portland, OR) from 1-4pm. You should stop by!

About TOMS: TOMS shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need, one for one.

07 October 2010

Greeting Cards

I've posted some new items in the shop, including 2 greeting card designs. They're 4x5" on cotton paper.
Happy Traveler Design (left) // Tipi Up North Design (right)

05 October 2010

Custom Illustrations

It seems a bit silly to already be designing holiday cards, but it's right around the corner. Last year I did a few custom illustration commissions for Christmas cards / prints which were tons of fun. Above is one of my favorites. If you're interested in having a custom illustration done, send me an email (!

04 October 2010

AN EXHIBITION ~ in Portland

Thursday Oct 7th / 6-9 PM / ANKA gallery
625 NW 6th Ave Portland Oregon

29 September 2010

Soul Pancake Interview

I have some work in the upcoming Soul Pancake Book, created by Rainn Wilson
There's a brief interview with me on their site right now.
{a huge thank you to the SP team!}

27 September 2010

Last Chance Etsy Items

quantities listed in my etsy are all that remains. There's one final Rose (Golden Girls) mini mirror, and 2 each of the Arctic Circle design and Garden Pattern mini mirrors....and then that's it!
{Rose Mini Mirror}
{Garden Pattern Mini Mirror}
{Arctic Circle Mini Mirror}

I've also marked down the tote bags, as they're nearing the end of inventory as well. It's time to find them good homes. {Universe Tote} {Ghost Indian Bird Hunt Tote}

26 September 2010

Hermit Crab vs. Snail Print

a new piece.
the original is getting ready to go up in the gallery this week.
A print is available through society6
see the little hermit crab and snail scampering about in love? :)

An Interview with Kirra Jamison

I've posted about her work before, Kirra Jamison's new works on paper are out of this world. She was sweet enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions.
Read the interview on the This Art Is Yours Blog

18 September 2010

Weekend Inspiration

{my badger collage, new work!}
{source:? let me know if you know}

Happy Weekend!

16 September 2010

Too Excellent

this is just too excellent not to share. Found here

15 September 2010

Framing for a Show

Framing and prepping for a show opening Oct 7 at ANKA Gallery here in Portland. Mark your calendars!

02 September 2010

MySpace Theme Launch (!!!)

Ok, so a while back MySpace commissioned me to design a background for their new platform, and it's finally launched! I've been dying to tell everyone about this, but today is the day I can for real! Above is the link to my myspace profile where you can check out the theme in action, and if you have a MySpace page, upgrade to the new platform and try it out! I'm really excited with how everything came together so nicely, thanks MySpace team!

30 August 2010


hello all, it was a busy weekend at the zine fair, many thanks to all who came out.
A busy week approaches, here's a new piece!

25 August 2010

the PDX Zine Symposium is this weekend

10AM-5PM Sat and 10AM-4PM Sun!
I'll have all my mini books + zines, plus some limited edition screen prints, 1" buttons and some screen printed zine sized totes to carry all your goodies home. Come by and say hello!

24 August 2010


Polyvore is....super confusing. Being that I am a trained graphic designer, it's probably super sad that I cannot figure out how to work this site! I registered for an account, and then spent about 2 hours trying to "clip to polyvore" and failed miserably. I could end up spending all day making one silly collage, and so instead, I pilfered this one from the web :)
I had trouble sleeping last night and rewatched a bunch of episodes from the first season of Skins, so here's a silly collage about Cassie, who I think is my favorite character along with Sid. And also, how cute is that horse tank? Very cute.

22 August 2010

Lavender-Grey Spotted Bunny Screen Prints

Lavender-Grey Spotted Bunny screen prints in the shop. Edition of 7, printed by me on 100% cotton cream printmaking paper. Each print is signed and numbered. A5 size.
{in my etsy}
hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

17 August 2010

I Wonder,

a new piece, "I wonder," // I'm busy getting new pieces ready for an exhibition in October, which is surprisingly close!
{print on s6}

15 August 2010

Rhino Pillows in a Movie!

I just posted a new batch of Rhinos Smell Roses Pillows in the shop. Did you know they're going to be in a movie?! A set decorator bought a few for Henry's Crime (starring Keanu Reeves!). I believe it's premiering in a few weeks at the Toronto Film Festival.

14 August 2010

An Interview with the HAND Drawing Collective

I did an interview over at the HAND drawing collective blog,
this is an excerpt from the lovely writeup they did for my work:

"Her dreamy small-scale works are marked by a vibrant pastel palette and whimsical hand-drawn characters making their way around cosmic found-image landscapes. Children scale magic mountains, gather wood, flaunt tribal masks, ride rhinos, and feed their animal friends amidst teepee villages which cast patterned shadows in the sun. We'd love to live vicariously through any of her charming, free-spirited creations."

read the interview here

09 August 2010

Sneak Peek // The Beginning

Here's a little sneak peek of a fully hand printing textile project I'm working on. I did some test prints over the weekend and turned my apartment into a giant drying rack. Watch out for the real deal in the fall!