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14 January 2010

Purl Soho

I took a fieldtrip last weekend to Purl Soho to browse some good string and fabric patterns. As I found out last year, I have zero patience for knitting, so my yarn / string needs are purely for other uses like packaging, and more recently making some heart necklaces(!). I heard about Purl Soho on the Wiksten-made blog (thank you Jenny!). This place was seriously incredible. So many different materials, and more colors than I could wrap my mind around, plus the staff was super helpful. Then I went down the street about half a block to their sister store Purl Patchwork which was full of wonderfully designed fabrics. I ended up purchasing some natural wrapped cotton string (undyed cotton wound in navy thread) and a few quarters of patterned fabrics, both of which I'm using to sew some tiny hearts to make into necklaces. Such a good Saturday morning adventure.

If you're in the neighborhood:
Purl Soho
137 Sullivan St, NYC


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