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22 February 2010

I'll have new things to share soon.

16 February 2010

Little Paper Planes

I'm so excited to share that I am now stocked with Little Paper Planes. The above print "TiPi Party Up North" is on the LPP site exclusively. They are also stocking a handful of the 2nd printing I Heart the Arctic books, and Magical Mini Myth Books.

15 February 2010

Art Hound Interview

Kate of Art Hound has posted an interview with me as part of the Brooklyn meets Portland Artist Series. Check out the Interview here,
and the Portland half of this week's mashup is Kate Bingaman-Burt (hi Kate!)

Grow, Citizen: Illustration for

This is a new illustration for for the piece "Grow, Citizen" written by Scott Ballum. The article is fantastic, and I am always thrilled to be a collaborator with such a devoted, passionate group of individuals.

12 February 2010

Pet Giraffe

I've been working on some amazing projects these past few weeks, they're almost ready to share. But until then, here's a cute girl riding a pet giraffe (duh)

Reminder: If you're in NY this Saturday I'll have a table at Artists + Fleas in Williamsburg from noon to 8pm. Stop by! (N6th between Bedford and Berry Streets, right off the Bedford L Train stop)

09 February 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg: IRM

I Heart Charlotte Gainsbourg. Oh so much.
Can we talk about how stellar her new album is? It's amazing. It was co-written and produced by Beck and is such a perfect compliment to her style and voice.
I'm sure you've all seen the youtube music video of "Heaven Can Wait"
the rest of the album was released in the US in late January, and it's been playing on repeat in my studio since then. It's heavenly.

08 February 2010

I Found a Stowaway

A rogue tote escaped! But I found it mixed in with the blank stash. Lucky for you. This is really* the last one of the Periwinkle versions.
-- SOLD! --

New MySpace Account

I opened up a new MySpace account for illustration and design. I updated the events section with upcoming shows, craft fairs etc. If you're on MySpace feel free to friend me, I'd love to hear from you!

07 February 2010

Sketch Rut

Sometimes I hit a drawing rut. I'm working on a handful of larger projects, and I get stuck inside my head with them. To get the ideas flowing again I flipped through a favorite photography book and drew little bits out of the scenes, improvising arrangements and loosening up!

06 February 2010

Valentine's + Hearts / Artists + Fleas

Garden Pattern Mini Mirror / Plush Arctic Circles / Rhinos Smell Roses Pillows
Cross Stitch Heart Brooches for Two
Arctic Heart Ornaments
Heart Necklaces!! Small and Large

I've updated my Etsy shop with new valentines wares, mostly because I like hearts all year around. There's still time left for Valentine's shipping. Plus if you're in the NY area, I'll have a table at Artists + Fleas in Williamsburg (N6th between Bedford and Berry) on Saturday, February 13th from Noon to 8PM, stop by and say hello!

03 February 2010


a bit of brainstorming action

01 February 2010

KIND Boutique, being kind

"Be Kind" Organic Cotton Market Bag
WristieLove Studio has joined KIND in an effort to promote sustainability and general acts of kindness through the “Be Kind” campaign!

From Februrary 1st to the 28th, the “Be Kind” Organic Cotton Market Bag will be available at KIND Boutique 100% of the profits goes to support Farm Sanctuary in their mission of animal rescue, education and advocacy.