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29 March 2010

Etsy is Reopened!

My Etsy shop is reopened as of now! Yay

23 March 2010

Super8 Magazine

I created this piece for Super8 Magazine, it's live over at their site!

22 March 2010


I've been in emotional overload mode lately. Sorry for the lack of posts. I have a few major projects in the works that I am just itching to share with you, and I'm getting re-settled slowly but surely. I need to break out the pens and get drawing.
This is a draft from an early page idea for I Heart the Arctic. Enjoy!

17 March 2010

Fresh Air

This morning was a breath of fresh air. It feels good to be back.

15 March 2010

Mind the Gap

14 March 2010

A Dear Friend

These are some business cards I designed for my dear friend Jennifer Boyer–
– she's also the brains behind the blog Lexigal.
Jennifer is one of the most insightful, kind people I know, and the writings she posts daily fully embody those characteristics. Have a look, I'm sure she'd love to share with you.

13 March 2010


I came across this in Williamsburg yesterday. I thought it was appropriate for this transitional time

10 March 2010



08 March 2010

Moving News

I am moving back to Portland this coming weekend. New York was a fantastic adventure, but I'm so glad to be going home. As such, a few things, like my etsy shop will be temporarily inactive while my things are enroute from east coast to west. So if you would like to place an order, please do it before 9am on March 9th. I will reopen the shop as soon as my boxes arrive.
I'm looking forward to catching up with good friends and settling in.

01 March 2010

1 Year Anniversary with the City

Today is my 1 year anniversary in moving to New York.
It's been one huge adventure.