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30 April 2010

Society 6 Print Shop Goodies

Society6 has opened up it's very own print shop which is now able to do both iphone and laptop skins like the partnership they recently launched with Urban Outfitters. I uploaded these two designs yesterday, "The Climbers" is one of my favorites, I'm very glad they've chosen that one. The other piece "In a Pretty Land" was originally made as part of RVLVR.
If you're interested, please help me spread the word!
iphone skins ~ (left) In a Pretty Land / (right) The Climbers
laptop skins ~(bottom) The Climbers


Mila said...

So beautiful!
I just love all of your work!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear.


Jacqueline Bos said...

Thank you so much Mila! Hope you're having a good weekend too <3


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