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24 May 2010

YEN Magazine // Guest Illustrator

{spreads // detail}
{Issue #44 out now!}
{guest illustrator page, with a really nice little piece about me}

YEN magazine is Australia based, it's pretty rocking. Art, Fashion, Music and Pop Culture, this is issue #44

21 May 2010

I Heart the Golden Girls....Zine!

Yes! After about a month of chronic insomnia and a LOT of late nights watching pretty much all of the seasons of The Golden Girls, this zine was born! It's 12 pages, color and black and white with a pretty golden cover. Each book is hand numbered, with a hand sewn spine and measures 4.25"x5.5". Each book comes with a postcard of the Golden Girl of your choice, or we can do it grab bag style and I can surprise you.
Sophia is my fav. I hope I'm as rocking as Sophia when I'm older, that's for sure.
{I Heart the Golden Girls Book in my Etsy}

I also made a few mini mirrors with each of them, cause it's fun to tote a Golden Girl in your pocket.
{Blanche Mini Mirror // Sophia Mini Mirror
Rose Mini Mirror // Dorothy Mini Mirror}

20 May 2010 illustration for Erin!

The always sweet Erin Loechner (of Design for Mankind) is's newest blogger. This is the start of her home renovation! I illustrated the intro, so have a look!

18 May 2010

Sunrise Pattern Pillow Cover on Envelop

{patterns on the pillows!}

{front and back patterns}

{here's how it all started}

I've been having trouble sleeping lately {what's new right} but have been getting up in the middle of the night and drawing out pages and pages of these crazy OCD patterns. My favorite is the one on the left {above} and I have uploaded it to Envelop and colorized it to make a mighty fine pillow cover. It's called "Sunrise" and it's a mix of many of the elements I use in my illustrations, but arranged into a landscape type pattern.
Check out the real deal here: Envelop Shop

13 May 2010


A project I was set to launch yesterday has been delayed due to a printing mixup where I received a box with a Magicians print order instead of mine. While fun, that does put a kink in things. So! In place of that news, this is a sneak peek of some textile printing I'm working on. It's part of a MUCH larger project, but to keep the element of surprise, this is just the tip!

07 May 2010

Sunrise Pattern

this is a new pattern series I'm working on.
happy early weekend everyone!

04 May 2010

Mail Presents from Jen!

Yesterday was a wonderful mail day: magazines, no overdue notices, and a pretty present from Jen (hellojenuine). It's so lovely to get real mail these days and her package of goodies was just the thing to start the week off right. I taped up the "If in doubt, bake a cake" postcard in my kitchen and had a wonderful time sifting through a mini zine, pinning on a new button and swooning over prints. Thanks Jen! (ps. love the gridded tape on the envelope!)

01 May 2010

A Small Home Improvement Project

Until recently, my kitchen's main functions were shipping supply storage, and me standing at the counter munching on crackers; but, last weekend, I purchased a table and 3 chairs from a very nice Portlander who is relocating. But it needed a bit of work {see above, haha}. I spent last sunday fixing spindles, sanding splinters and repainting the chairs, and as if by magic here they are!