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21 May 2010

I Heart the Golden Girls....Zine!

Yes! After about a month of chronic insomnia and a LOT of late nights watching pretty much all of the seasons of The Golden Girls, this zine was born! It's 12 pages, color and black and white with a pretty golden cover. Each book is hand numbered, with a hand sewn spine and measures 4.25"x5.5". Each book comes with a postcard of the Golden Girl of your choice, or we can do it grab bag style and I can surprise you.
Sophia is my fav. I hope I'm as rocking as Sophia when I'm older, that's for sure.
{I Heart the Golden Girls Book in my Etsy}

I also made a few mini mirrors with each of them, cause it's fun to tote a Golden Girl in your pocket.
{Blanche Mini Mirror // Sophia Mini Mirror
Rose Mini Mirror // Dorothy Mini Mirror}


thea said...

that's totally hilarious Jackie!!!!!!!! hehehehee I like it!

Attended the zine fair in oz yesterday and lots of ppl were buying your complete beauty from 'bird in the hand' zine store :) thought you'd like to hear :)

Jacqueline Bos said...

Hi Thea! It's so nice to know Bird in the Hand still had a few for the zine fair, most excellent! this was a fun mini zine project between mini books which take a good deal longer to work on :) glad you like it!


A Beautiful Party said...

this is fantastic!

lisa butterworth said...

i. LOVE. it.

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