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01 May 2010

A Small Home Improvement Project

Until recently, my kitchen's main functions were shipping supply storage, and me standing at the counter munching on crackers; but, last weekend, I purchased a table and 3 chairs from a very nice Portlander who is relocating. But it needed a bit of work {see above, haha}. I spent last sunday fixing spindles, sanding splinters and repainting the chairs, and as if by magic here they are!


handmade romance said...

gorgeous home improvement! love your shiny new yellow chairs.

E R I N said...

oh! i've been eyeing off my old timber chairs thinking i might paint them white - now i feel like doing it!!.......that yellow is delicious for yours... i've seen floors done in that colour, they looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

also a gorgeous (and lucky) little table i see.


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