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18 May 2010

Sunrise Pattern Pillow Cover on Envelop

{patterns on the pillows!}

{front and back patterns}

{here's how it all started}

I've been having trouble sleeping lately {what's new right} but have been getting up in the middle of the night and drawing out pages and pages of these crazy OCD patterns. My favorite is the one on the left {above} and I have uploaded it to Envelop and colorized it to make a mighty fine pillow cover. It's called "Sunrise" and it's a mix of many of the elements I use in my illustrations, but arranged into a landscape type pattern.
Check out the real deal here: Envelop Shop


E R I N said...

these are amazing as pillows!

i love visiting your site,
i always come away feeling
like i should go and paint
or make something :)

i always loved evelop shop too....

xx erin

E R I N said...

oops. i mean eNvelop shop :)

Samia Kallidis said...

These are great! I've been thinking of buying pillows designed by you for a while since I'm working on redecorating my home! I'd love a pair in spring colors, are you planning on creating colored versions or no? Regardless, this is beautiful Jackie!

Jacqueline Bos said...

Hi Samia,
for now I think this is it for the colors on this one. the front has a bit of blue in the drops though if that helps!


Beau said...

this is beautiful!

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