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24 May 2010

YEN Magazine // Guest Illustrator

{spreads // detail}
{Issue #44 out now!}
{guest illustrator page, with a really nice little piece about me}

YEN magazine is Australia based, it's pretty rocking. Art, Fashion, Music and Pop Culture, this is issue #44


Hello Sandwich said...

soooo cute mIss! xxx
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Samia Kallidis said...

Gorgeous Jackie! Wish I could pick up a copy of the magazine here.

E R I N said...

fab mag here in aus!

x erin

thea said...

yay what fun!!!!!!!



Caroline said...

that's so sweet, congrats! do they sell them in the states? i want.

Jacqueline Bos said...

thanks ladies!
Caroline~ They usually stock it at Rich's on Alder downtown though they're about 4 weeks behind on int'l issues :)

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