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18 June 2010


I'm going on a little family trip down south to California for the next week. It's my Mormor's (Swedish grandmother) 90th birthday (!) Above are some photos I took at their house when I was about 18. Lucky for me, it will not be snowing this time of year!
I've scheduled a few blog posts in my internet absence, enjoy!

Etsy notice: my shop will remain open, but orders placed between today (Friday 18th) and Friday June 25th will ship out on the 28th.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


su49san said...

Hope you have a great time with Mormor! My uncle (age 91), his wife, their daughter, and her 12-year-old twins currently are on vacation in Sweden! It will be my uncle's last trip home, and the twins' first trip to the homeland. :-) Just in time for Crown Princess Victoria's wedding!

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