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16 June 2010

Oregon Humanities

Illustrations for Oregon Humanities "Look" issue (Spring 2010)
I illustrated the piece "Go Ahead and Look - in praise of forbidden looking" written by Scott Nadelson. Above is the main illustration and 2 spot pieces. Oregon Humanities has been recently redesigned by the Portland firm Pinch.


Eric Hillerns said...

Hi Jackie,

As expected, you did such a wonderful job on the Oregon Humanities project and illustrated the introspective quality of Scott's tale perfectly. It was my sincere pleasure to have you involved with the assignment and I look forward to additional opportunities in the near future. Your work makes my work look better.

Eric Hillerns

Pinch. A Design Office.

Jacqueline Bos said...

Hi Eric!
Thanks so much, I'm so glad everything came together so nicely for press. I owe you a phone call, it's coming, I swear. Hope you had a great weekend!


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