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05 July 2010

Bunny Stamp ~ I caved

Last week I had talked about making a bunny stamp, and I totally caved. It came in the post right before the long weekend, and I've been bunny stamping everything since then. How much fun is a bunny stamp? Tons.

Since it is technically still a "holiday" here in the US, I'm moving at a nice leisurely pace today, starting everything off with a pot of tea (pear ginger black tea from the Tao of Tea) before diving into a few projects. Tomorrow's very first jury duty.


hellojenuine said...

love the bunny!
hope your jury duty went alright. i had my first a few weeks back & it was the most horrific waste of time, i can't believe some people can be so stupid.

Jacqueline Bos said...

I'm going in tomorrow, fingers crossed it's relatively painless...

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