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30 August 2010


hello all, it was a busy weekend at the zine fair, many thanks to all who came out.
A busy week approaches, here's a new piece!

25 August 2010

the PDX Zine Symposium is this weekend

10AM-5PM Sat and 10AM-4PM Sun!
I'll have all my mini books + zines, plus some limited edition screen prints, 1" buttons and some screen printed zine sized totes to carry all your goodies home. Come by and say hello!

24 August 2010


Polyvore is....super confusing. Being that I am a trained graphic designer, it's probably super sad that I cannot figure out how to work this site! I registered for an account, and then spent about 2 hours trying to "clip to polyvore" and failed miserably. I could end up spending all day making one silly collage, and so instead, I pilfered this one from the web :)
I had trouble sleeping last night and rewatched a bunch of episodes from the first season of Skins, so here's a silly collage about Cassie, who I think is my favorite character along with Sid. And also, how cute is that horse tank? Very cute.

22 August 2010

Lavender-Grey Spotted Bunny Screen Prints

Lavender-Grey Spotted Bunny screen prints in the shop. Edition of 7, printed by me on 100% cotton cream printmaking paper. Each print is signed and numbered. A5 size.
{in my etsy}
hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

17 August 2010

I Wonder,

a new piece, "I wonder," // I'm busy getting new pieces ready for an exhibition in October, which is surprisingly close!
{print on s6}

15 August 2010

Rhino Pillows in a Movie!

I just posted a new batch of Rhinos Smell Roses Pillows in the shop. Did you know they're going to be in a movie?! A set decorator bought a few for Henry's Crime (starring Keanu Reeves!). I believe it's premiering in a few weeks at the Toronto Film Festival.

14 August 2010

An Interview with the HAND Drawing Collective

I did an interview over at the HAND drawing collective blog,
this is an excerpt from the lovely writeup they did for my work:

"Her dreamy small-scale works are marked by a vibrant pastel palette and whimsical hand-drawn characters making their way around cosmic found-image landscapes. Children scale magic mountains, gather wood, flaunt tribal masks, ride rhinos, and feed their animal friends amidst teepee villages which cast patterned shadows in the sun. We'd love to live vicariously through any of her charming, free-spirited creations."

read the interview here

09 August 2010

Sneak Peek // The Beginning

Here's a little sneak peek of a fully hand printing textile project I'm working on. I did some test prints over the weekend and turned my apartment into a giant drying rack. Watch out for the real deal in the fall!

04 August 2010

Hang in there with me

I'm trying to update the blog layout. I thought I was going to be all sneaky and do it overnight but it turns out it's a bit more difficult than I originally anticipated. That being said, there are still a few changes on the way, so hang in there with me while it's a bit of a mess!