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29 September 2010

Soul Pancake Interview

I have some work in the upcoming Soul Pancake Book, created by Rainn Wilson
There's a brief interview with me on their site right now.
{a huge thank you to the SP team!}

27 September 2010

Last Chance Etsy Items

quantities listed in my etsy are all that remains. There's one final Rose (Golden Girls) mini mirror, and 2 each of the Arctic Circle design and Garden Pattern mini mirrors....and then that's it!
{Rose Mini Mirror}
{Garden Pattern Mini Mirror}
{Arctic Circle Mini Mirror}

I've also marked down the tote bags, as they're nearing the end of inventory as well. It's time to find them good homes. {Universe Tote} {Ghost Indian Bird Hunt Tote}

26 September 2010

Hermit Crab vs. Snail Print

a new piece.
the original is getting ready to go up in the gallery this week.
A print is available through society6
see the little hermit crab and snail scampering about in love? :)

An Interview with Kirra Jamison

I've posted about her work before, Kirra Jamison's new works on paper are out of this world. She was sweet enough to sit down with me and answer a few questions.
Read the interview on the This Art Is Yours Blog

18 September 2010

Weekend Inspiration

{my badger collage, new work!}
{source:? let me know if you know}

Happy Weekend!

16 September 2010

Too Excellent

this is just too excellent not to share. Found here

15 September 2010

Framing for a Show

Framing and prepping for a show opening Oct 7 at ANKA Gallery here in Portland. Mark your calendars!

02 September 2010

MySpace Theme Launch (!!!)

Ok, so a while back MySpace commissioned me to design a background for their new platform, and it's finally launched! I've been dying to tell everyone about this, but today is the day I can for real! Above is the link to my myspace profile where you can check out the theme in action, and if you have a MySpace page, upgrade to the new platform and try it out! I'm really excited with how everything came together so nicely, thanks MySpace team!