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02 September 2010

MySpace Theme Launch (!!!)

Ok, so a while back MySpace commissioned me to design a background for their new platform, and it's finally launched! I've been dying to tell everyone about this, but today is the day I can for real! Above is the link to my myspace profile where you can check out the theme in action, and if you have a MySpace page, upgrade to the new platform and try it out! I'm really excited with how everything came together so nicely, thanks MySpace team!


JMay said...

Very creative, love the myspace background!

E R I N said...

how cool are YOU!?!


Jacqueline Bos said...

HAHA! thanks Erin :)

Federico said...

Myspace with your theme since september, i think it goes really well with our music. Your art is great! Congrats!

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