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18 November 2011

TOMS Event at Zumiez

Another successful TOMS Style Your Sole Event! Last weekend I got to customize TOMS shoes with a handful of very talented artists for the day. Above are some of my favorites. If you're in the Portland area, the next event I'll be working at is on December 2nd at the Whole Foods on 42nd and NE Sandy Blvd. Hope to see you there!

08 November 2011

Holiday Cards

I finished printing a bunch of holiday cards this weekend. They're 5x7, printed with metallic copper ink, and come in sets of 4 with either red or cream envelopes.
{etsy shop}

05 November 2011

It's Custom Holiday Illustration Time

It's custom holiday illustration time again! It felt like that came up so fast, and though it still seems early, it does take a few weeks, so I wanted to get this posted in case, you, like me, are trying to not panic and do everything last minute this holiday season. Fingers crossed, this year is smooth sailing and stress free. I'm getting ready to screenprint my holiday cards this afternoon!
Last year and the year before, I started doing custom holiday illustrations for families and they've been so much fun, I'd love to continue on this year. I've made an etsy listing for this with all the details, be sure to send me your contact email if it's different than your paypal one so I can get in touch to get your source photos you'd like used, and so we can chat about what you'd like in your illustration. New this year, I'm putting in both the paper and digital copies, which means you'll have an A3 size finished illustration as well as the digital copies for you to do with what you please. Most people have turned these into their holiday cards, and I can size things down for the printer for you so you're ready to go.

Feel free to email or message with any questions, let's get this holiday season started out right with some fun!

24 October 2011

~ good morning ~

14 October 2011

Eugene Weekly Illustration

a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to work with the Eugene Weekly on the cover of their Sept 21st issue. Still waiting on a copy to photo the real deal, but in the meantime...
The article is about gold mining in the Oregon waterways and how it is destroying the habitats that naturally exist there by essentially dredging up the sea floor.

25 September 2011


new things! It's been awhile as I've been out and about enjoying the last bits of Portland summer, hiking mountains, riding bikes, outdoor markets and a lot of walking around in the sunshine. I have a few more new projects to post as soon as I finish photographing them. In the meantime, see my new posts over at Beautiful Decay.

10 September 2011

BOLO Magazine

A copy of the debut issue of BOLO Magazine showed up in my mailbox this week. It's chock full of talented artists work, pieced together to make the first issue "Stars Are Indispensable" awesome. I'm honored to be in here with such talented people.

06 July 2011


28 June 2011

From The Universe

{from the universe}
{promote on Society6}

22 June 2011


Here's a dinosaur I drew.

It seems a group of dinosaurs is called a herd for herbivores and a pack for carnivores. I was hoping for something more along the lines of a murder of crows or an unkindness of ravens. Tame no?

19 June 2011

NEWS! Beautiful / Decay & Stereohype

Some exciting news: I'm newly a weekly guest blogger on the fantastic site, Beautiful/Decay. See my first 2 posts here: {B/D} and keep checking back for regular posts! I have an interview and some killer artists lined up for the next few posts.

In other news...the deadline is coming up for submission to Stereohype's 2011 button/badge design competition. I'm incredibly excited to be one of this year's judges and I'm eager to see all the designs submitted this year! {submit here}

13 June 2011


{Lions in my sketchbook}
There are some great things coming down the pipeline, which I'll be able to share shortly. Once I get on some scanning there will be new images too!

16 May 2011 Illustrations

The next 2 segments in the "A Few Things About Communication" series on Sheepless are up! There are 4 more goodies coming up soon.

17 April 2011

TOMS Shoes Event

{monkeys // frogs}
{teensy kid shoes, mickey + minnie // owls}

Last weekend, I got to do another event with TOMS shoes here in Portland. These are some of my favs from the day!

02 April 2011

D R A W I N G S *

{new drawings*}

31 March 2011

The Makers Project // Brooklyn NY

Have you seen "The Makers Project"? It's a beautifully curated set of photographs and interviews with makers, movers and shakers in Brooklyn NY. The photography, done by Jennifer Causey, is awe inspiring, and gives me a twinge of longing to be back in Brooklyn for a while.
Above are some of my favorites from the site.

27 March 2011

~gathering ~ a mini book about collage

It's done!
Here are the specs:
20 Pages
Full Color
Recycled "Newsprint-Grey" Cover
Staple Bound
Edition of 200

Collage based illustrations + drawings created from January 2010 to January 2011 in places across the country, from Brooklyn NY to Portland OR

08 March 2011


A lot of things went live this past week, here's a few links:
20 Best Twenty : Freelance
3x3 Illustration Directory Zoom 3 (Nautical Doom)

25 February 2011


Have I shared that this is hands down my fav iphone app.....

12 February 2011

W/Heart End of Season Clearout

{shop link}
A gift to all of you, the last remaining pieces from the W/Heart collection are marked 50% off as I clear out inventory to make space for new projects and new adventures.

Sheepless Part 2

02 February 2011

Nautical Doom at

New illo for in the theme of nautical doom....for a wonderful piece about communication by Cheryl Heller. This is part 1 of 8, stay tuned for the rest!

17 January 2011


{clip of a very large drawing in progress}

{plant shopping}

Over the weekend I went to see Somewhere which finally made it to Portland, it was beautiful through and through. I also bought a plant! I killed my peppermint plant months ago and it's been looking pretty desolate in here since, hopefully this will liven things up a bit.

Check out the link to the Somewhere site above, it's full of clips, interviews, and photo stills.