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31 March 2011

The Makers Project // Brooklyn NY

Have you seen "The Makers Project"? It's a beautifully curated set of photographs and interviews with makers, movers and shakers in Brooklyn NY. The photography, done by Jennifer Causey, is awe inspiring, and gives me a twinge of longing to be back in Brooklyn for a while.
Above are some of my favorites from the site.

27 March 2011

~gathering ~ a mini book about collage

It's done!
Here are the specs:
20 Pages
Full Color
Recycled "Newsprint-Grey" Cover
Staple Bound
Edition of 200

Collage based illustrations + drawings created from January 2010 to January 2011 in places across the country, from Brooklyn NY to Portland OR

08 March 2011


A lot of things went live this past week, here's a few links:
20 Best Twenty : Freelance
3x3 Illustration Directory Zoom 3 (Nautical Doom)