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05 November 2011

It's Custom Holiday Illustration Time

It's custom holiday illustration time again! It felt like that came up so fast, and though it still seems early, it does take a few weeks, so I wanted to get this posted in case, you, like me, are trying to not panic and do everything last minute this holiday season. Fingers crossed, this year is smooth sailing and stress free. I'm getting ready to screenprint my holiday cards this afternoon!
Last year and the year before, I started doing custom holiday illustrations for families and they've been so much fun, I'd love to continue on this year. I've made an etsy listing for this with all the details, be sure to send me your contact email if it's different than your paypal one so I can get in touch to get your source photos you'd like used, and so we can chat about what you'd like in your illustration. New this year, I'm putting in both the paper and digital copies, which means you'll have an A3 size finished illustration as well as the digital copies for you to do with what you please. Most people have turned these into their holiday cards, and I can size things down for the printer for you so you're ready to go.

Feel free to email or message with any questions, let's get this holiday season started out right with some fun!


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