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19 February 2012


I've been getting all sorts of things done over the long weekend, tons of drawing and working on the new mini book, a good long bike ride, plus, I finally switched my blog reader over to Bloglovin' which I am admittedly loving. It's great to be able to follow Tumblr and website blogs now too. I also signed up for Pinterest as "hellojackiebos" (which is also my Instagram name for those of you who have that too). Since it's rare to have a day off my grand plan for tomorrow morning is to make the slow cook oats, drink a ton of coffee, and take the whole morning to do all the dumb internet things I like to do in the morning but never really have time to do before work. Dreaming big!

15 February 2012

Bike Ride

Over the weekend it was uncharacteristically nice out considering it's February in Portland. No rain, plenty of sunshine, and not too cold. I spent most of the weekend doing some drawings for the new mini book which I finally decided on a subject for..big reveal...Cacti & Succulents! I've been doing a crazy amount of research and drawing out different varieties. It seems to be coming together really well, I'm really excited about it! In between some drawing action, I went on a wonderful long bike ride around Portland, above are a few photos from the journey.

06 February 2012

fresh stART

{fresh stART piece}
Here's a new piece I sent down to California for the "fresh stART" event, benefiting LA's Best after school arts program. I'm excited to see how the event turn out was, I wish I could have gone down to California to see it.

04 February 2012

Heart Shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches

{heart shaped ice cream sandwiches}
Even though they got a bit melty in the re-freeze process I think they turned out pretty good! Let's hope they travel well, these goodies are coming with me to a superbowl party tomorrow.

01 February 2012

Letterpress Print on Uncovet

The letterpress print I did a while back with Rachael of Pistachio Press is up on the new site Uncovet at a huge discount. There are only a few up there, check them out if you're interested!