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19 February 2012


I've been getting all sorts of things done over the long weekend, tons of drawing and working on the new mini book, a good long bike ride, plus, I finally switched my blog reader over to Bloglovin' which I am admittedly loving. It's great to be able to follow Tumblr and website blogs now too. I also signed up for Pinterest as "hellojackiebos" (which is also my Instagram name for those of you who have that too). Since it's rare to have a day off my grand plan for tomorrow morning is to make the slow cook oats, drink a ton of coffee, and take the whole morning to do all the dumb internet things I like to do in the morning but never really have time to do before work. Dreaming big!


citygirlrides said...

love this piece! i'm a huge fan and so glad to hear your biking! yay!

Kim Baise said...

sooo beautiful! i love your work <3

Jacqueline Bos said...

Thanks so much guys!

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