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25 March 2012

Portland Saturday

{instax from a long walk // Portland's first sunny Saturday in a long while}

19 March 2012

Cacti & Succulents Mini Book

Here it is! I'm so excited this is ready to share with you all. I think this is my favorite mini book yet, I did a small edition of 40 which allowed me to do a lot more hand done details on each one. I got a rubber stamp made for the cover and the shipping envelopes, so each cover is rubber stamped and has it's edition number written underneath. There are 2 screenprinted pages on vellum, and a vellum full photo centerfold. Each book has a sewn spine and 36 awesome black and white cacti & succulent drawings. I've separated them into 3 tribe classifications throughout, and labeled them with their common name and scientific name. I got to do a ton of fun research with this book, pulling from modern gardening encyclopedias and old school Time Life series books. Hope you all like it!
{etsy listing: Cacti & Succulent Mini Book}

17 March 2012


{image from the very lovely: Sophie Takes Pictures}

As of this week I've officially graduated! I finished up my accounting certificate at PCC and turned in the last of my assignments earlier this week, I couldn't feel better. I went to college the first go round for art and design but as life has changed, my original path had to bend a little too. For those of you who don't know, I work by day in an accounting department, and continue to freelance, make mini books, and draw things in my evenings. It's been nearly 2 years back in school, and it feels great to be done and officially certified.

I got the photo above from Sophie Takes Pictures, if you haven't checked out her tumblr, take a look, it's completely mesmerizing and full of beautiful images.

10 March 2012


{my pre-potted cacti & succulent mini garden}

I'm working on the final print layout for the Cacti & Succulents mini book today, almost there! This week I finished screenprinting the insert pages and rubber stamping the covers, I'm getting more and more excited seeing everything come together. This is, I think, my favorite mini book yet. I had so much fun doing the research and learning all sorts of crazy facts about the plants. I'm making it a pretty small edition which allowed me to do a lot more with the book, like hand screen printing 2 vellum pages, and putting more hand work into each book. More updates soon.