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24 May 2012

Building & Making

It's been a very busy spring so far between work, illustration projects and some personal projects. Last week I finished up a weaving project at the studio, a gift for my main man. Since it's a bit of a trek to get to the studio I spent part of the weekend building my own warping board so I can do that part at home. It was pretty simple and I am just thrilled with the final product. I measured out the warp for my next project on it already. 
This weekend I have some fun things on the agenda, more weaving, a hike, and tending to my newly planted herb garden. Let it begin!


Corto Metraje said...

I would like to see how it works!
Good plans for the weekend, enjoy it!!

Mom said...

Awesome runner. Such detail. I am impressed!!!

Jacqueline Bos said...

Hi Corto, it essentially works to measure out yarn in a way that won't let it tangle when you remove it. It's a wonderful tool! The weekend hiking and gardening went great!

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