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05 May 2012


{new shoes}
Things have been busy lately. I bought some new shoes, fancy pink patent leather ones above, loving them! I've mostly been at work, but I've also been doing a good deal of weaving. I recently found a place in Portland where I have access to a loom, and I'm loving being back on one, it's been a few years and I'm a little out of practice. Some of the knowledge came right back, but I've definitely been very grateful for the assistance of the other women who rent looms in the studio as well. It feels like such a warm and welcoming community. I've been posting my progress pics on my Instagram (hellojackiebos) if you'd like to see. 
Recently on the internet: my at home studio is featured on the Boys With Banjos blog. I also did a screenprinting project a little while back for an awesome Portland couple who got married a few weeks ago. Their wedding is featured on the wedding blog Style Me Pretty, my contributions of screenprinted ties for the groom and groomsmen are here.


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