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30 June 2012

Betta Fish

I have a really awesome betta fish that I got as a present for my birthday last year, his name is Sid Fishous, I usually call him Sid Fish though. He's currently in his bowl on top of the highest piece of furniture keeping him safe from the kitties. Above is the newest pattern piece I've been working on. I'd love to turn this guy into an awesome textile repeat. 

I've also been updating works on my Society6 page as it's been a while since I've really posted too much new work. These are the latest iphone cases I've uploaded.

27 June 2012

Hamilton Mountain

A few weeks ago I finally got some proper hiking boots and went with my boyfriend Cam and a few friends to test them out in Washington at Hamilton Mountain. It was kind of a burly hike, but had some incredible views on the way up. I forget sometimes how much beautiful scenery is so close to us in the Pacific Northwest. This is just one of many day hikes to come. We're all working our way up to be able to do Mt. St. Helens in steps.

26 June 2012

Cat Nip

It's about time I shared a new illustration with all of you. Ladies with cats in a field of catnip!
This is up on Society6 as a print & an iphone case as well.

23 June 2012

New Fabric Print

I did some fabric printing this week. This time with a carved block instead of screen print. It was so much fun. I printed a half  yard and made myself a big zipper pouch to keep my supplies that I keep hauling back and forth to the weaving studio. I had a little extra fabric so I made one more smaller pouch (above) that's listed in my etsy shop.

21 June 2012

Mark Your Calendars

{flyer for the show, Artwork above by Brooke Weeber}

A few things are coming up fast. I'm the featured artist at a really awesome event in Salem, Art Fusion, Friday July 6th at the Bush Barn Art Center. I'll have a table of textiles, illustrations and mini books. The event sounds great, the Portland Cello Project will be there as well as a waffle cart! It's almost like they knew my favorite food is waffles....

I'm also part of a show the day before, July 5th, for First Thursday here in Portland at  Gigantic Gallery. I'll be there along with fellow illustrators Brooke Weeber, Meg Hunt, Maryanna Hoggatt, Susannah Kelly, Michelle Maule, Brenda Rose & Shannon Larson. Stop by if you can!

03 June 2012

WAFA Collaboration

A while back I did a collaboration with WAFA on the A+B Zine. It was really fun, they sent out an envelope of collage materials and these are two of the handful of pieces I sent back.