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30 September 2012

Red Dot Tote

I've been busy making new designs, and new prints for my etsy. It's been a while since I've had new products but this feels like the right step. I've just finished these red dot totes this weekend, they're much better than the last totes, heavier weight, and with a gusset bottom, so you can fill it with loads of stuff! I got a sample swatch back of the fabric I designed this weekend as well, It looks awesome! Expect some sewn goods up in there later this fall.

27 September 2012

T H E Summer Post

 It's been such a full and exciting summer, that I've neglected my posting here a bit for very good reason. 
This summer I: 
Went on lots of walks and bike rides, took instax photos like crazy, worked on a few monster weaving projects, moved in with my boyfriend (!), went camping, hiked many large mountains including Mt St Helens, worked on a few large weaving projects, took a trip to Seattle, cooked delicious food, went home to Virginia for a week, rode lots of roller coasters, and started a new job.
Ready for fall!
(disclaimer: this came out as crazy text when it first posted, apparently blogger can not handle emoticon hearts without freaking out)

24 September 2012

Portland Custom Illustration

I just finished up a custom family illustration for a wonderful family right here in Portland. I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and am reminded how much fun these are.

07 September 2012

A New Job

Today is the end of my second week at my new job! I am happy to report that it's going great, much closer to home, and I get to ride my bike in once or twice a week. All great things! I'm looking forward to learning some new things.
(photo credit: Sophie Takes Pictures)

05 September 2012

New illustration for! Jodie Wu