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20 December 2012

Prints to Giveaway

In spirits of the holidays and starting a new year off fresh. I have a few letterpress prints to giveaway.
I made these as a collaboration with Rachael of Pistachio Press when I lived in Brooklyn. We split up the edition of 100 and I still have a number in my possession that I would love to find homes for.
I would ask that if you'd like one, you just help me cover the postage ~ $4 ~ and I will send it off to your home! I have 12 that I would love to give away.
Here's how! Leave a comment below, be sure to leave your email or a link where I can find it. And I'll email you for your address and paypal instructions.
Or if you'd like, you can just email me directly at:

I'll mail these out to the first 12 who respond.

Happy Holidays, and a little early.. Happy New Year!


Brooke weeber said...

Me please!!! I love this print. And it's a good excuse to hang out soon!

Jacqueline Bos said...

you got it! would love to grab coffee and catch up after Xmas !

Megan said...

I'd love one too!

A Beautiful Party said...

Am I too late? ( :
abeautifulparty at gmail dot com

Jacqueline Bos said...

Not at all! I still have a few left, I'll send you an email in a second to get your mailing address. Happy New Year!

E R I N said...

aw these are just so pretty too! x

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