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29 August 2013

New Cup

 I bought us 2 new ceramic cups from Leif in Brooklyn last week.
I drink iced coffee year round, which makes for sweaty ceramics, so I wove this napkin a while ago for that very purpose. It's a tight twill structure in cotton so it's easy to wash too.

26 August 2013

Cacti & Succulents - 2nd Edition

 2nd Edition of my Cacti & Succulents book is done!
 Assembly in process
 The 2nd edition has green cover stamps
 Seafoam green sewn spines
I have some of the copies up for sale in my Etsy, they're $8, have a look!

23 August 2013

CSA Veggies

Our CSA this week gave us a crazy amount of food. It's all delicious but I have to admit I get really overwhelmed every week trying to use it all up. If you're looking for a good CSA for next year, ours is Love Farm Organics in Forest Grove, they have many Portland pick up locations, and are just the best people ever.

22 August 2013

Summer Weaving

 I wove a set of picnic blankets for summer, they double as table runners for the indoor months that need some cheering up.
Fancy taco night. Fresh radishes, guacamole, and lettuce straight out of the ground.

21 August 2013

Oregon Coast - Newport

 We took a trip to the Oregon coast last weekend, down near Newport. It's always so misty at the beach here.
 Tide pools a plenty
And of course, loads of salt water taffy!

18 August 2013


 I made us hard boiled eggs with pickled onions. I got the idea from Ashely Helvey's blog, her recipe for the pickled onions turned out fantastic!
A new cactus to add to my ever growing collection.