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26 June 2016

Back to the Blog!

Oh man, it's been ages since I've updated this space. So much has happened! I had a baby boy 2 months ago, and it has changed my life so much for the better. He's the sweetest little guy ever, and I'm so in love with him already it bursts my heart. I'm home over the summer on maternity leave which is amazing. We get to go on walks outside every day and play in the grass. Plus, on days when my husband is home I can sneak in an hour or two of weaving. 
I've been flip flopping as to where I wanted my shop to be over the past year or so and it's gone through many incarnations, which I realize just makes it more confusing for people to find. I've gone from having my original etsy shop to renaming that shop, to adding my webshop to my squarespace to having to cancel that because I couldn't afford it all the way back to Etsy. Etsy is where I started and I love the platform and the community, so Etsy is where the shop stays!
I'm thinking of putting some of my mini books and postcards back in the shop even though it's mostly weaving based now. It seems kind of inconsistent to do so, but it's all me. I draw and weave and make other things too, that's what the Etsy community is all about right?


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